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Western Red Cedar has been a go-to decking choice for generations due to its superior performance in outdoor conditions. At Lost Creek Industries in Lane County, Oregon, we celebrate the warm natural tones and unmatched beauty of this resilient wood. Not only is it naturally resistant to decay, but its proven longevity also makes it a top-tier option for decking.

Contrast this with conventional planed decking that requires sanding before staining, often resulting in uneven, blotchy appearances and premature pigment wear-off. Our process avoids these issues entirely. We focus on producing rough sawn decking that retains stain remarkably well and does not become slick, unlike planed decking. This ensures minimal deck maintenance, reduces slip hazards, and guarantees a beautiful, even finish for your project.

For those preferring a smoother finish, we also offer sanded and ready-to-stain decking. Whatever your preference, Lost Creek Industries is committed to ensuring you are thrilled with the final outcome of your project.

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