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Western Red Cedar has been the popular choice in decking for years as it holds up well under exterior conditions.  The warm natural tones are unmatched in beauty, naturally resistant to decay and has been proven through the years to be second to none.  Conventional decking that has been planed must first be sanded before it is stained.  Stain will not adhere evenly to a planed surface, resulting in an uneven blotchy appearance.  Also, the pigment in the stain will wear off easily.  This will lead to disastrous results that are not easily reversed.  We want you to be thrilled with the end result of your project.  At Lost Creek Industries we saw rough sawn decking that holds stain well and does not get slick, like planed decking does, meaning that deck maintenance is minimal and the risk of slipping is greatly reduced.  Sanded and ready to stain decking is also available.  

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