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Tired of neighbors not respecting your space?  Or how about that pit owner walking their dog that thinks your lawn is a good place for fido to use?  Likety split cedar fence provides an easy and attractive way to both compliment your landscape while defining a space.  This hand split western red cedar post and rail fence stands 24” tall and is available in both 4 foot and 6 foot sections.  One section includes two rails and one post so all you need is on additional end post (sold separately) and you always have the perfect amount.  But the best thing is that there are no post holes to dig and no concrete to pour as each post comes with a pre-inserted steal stake in its bottom so you simply push it in the ground, making this so easy anyone can do it.  Why it will take you longer to get it home than to install!  Perfect for rearranging as your garden grows or for renters to take with you when you move.  Lost Creek Industries Inc, the inventor and sole producer and retailer of lickety split cedar fence tm is now accepting a limited number of out of area retailers.  Please call for more information.



Start with an end post placed where needed.  If using a corner post, start in the corner.  Laying two rails our along the desired fence line, insert the bottom rail in the set post.  Tipping the post to set outward insert the rail in bottom at post then top rail and straighten post to be set, push down firmly to set post and repeat.  It’s so easy it truly does install lickety split!

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