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Our lumber is milled using a circular saw (instead of a band saw) giving our products an “old world” look with that rustic saw swirl finish without the wavy irregularly sized fuzz that can occur with band mills.  Grading is done in-house by the operator and involvement from start to finish allows complete control in quality that is second to none.  Using rough sawn lumber greatly reduces the waste of our natural resources while allowing stains and paints to adhere completely and evenly.  All the professionals agree, never stain or paint a planed surface without first standing.  As with all our products, lumber delivery is available.

Lost Creek Industries offers a variety of lumber grades, all graded in-house to the strictest standards.  You can choose from:

  • Utility grade - lowest cost, rustic appeal

  • Tight knot or #1 - standard quality

  • Clear - knot free

  • Clear vertical grain - finest quality superior stability

Whatever grade you choose, you will find Lost Creek Industries unmatched in value.

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